Abegweit First Nation

Family Support Services

Mi'kmaq Family PRIDE

PRIDE (Prevention, Respect, Intervention, Development and Education) Program

The Mi’kmaq Confederacy’s family support program, the Mi’kmaq Family PRIDE Program provides prevention services and supports the protection of children in both First Nations.

Pivotal to the development of the Mi’kmaq Family PRIDE Program is the belief that children, families and communities benefit most from services that are sensitive to, and congruent with, their cultural beliefs and traditional values.  Accordingly, the underlying philosophy of the Mi’kmaq Family PRIDE Program is:


To provide a holistic and culturally sensitive approach to individual, family and community wellness, and risk reduction through prevention services and protection support.


Children are sacred gifts from the Creator; they represent the hopes, dreams and future of the Mi’kmaq people.

Children deserve and need a safe, healthy caring home in which to grow.

Children need positive parenting role models.

Parenting is valuable

All parents want to be good parents

Our children are our future leaders

Acknowledge and address the context in which families exist, appreciating and valuing each family’s community, culture, and individual traditions, values and lifestyles.

Healthy families = Healthy children


Promote the sacred value and inherent worth of children;

Reinforce the traditional cultural values of caring, sharing and co-operation within the community as a whole to ensure the well-being of children and their families;

Respect the dignity and independence of children and adults, and their right to participate in decisions that affect their lives;

Assist parents, extended family and community to raise healthy, happy, resilient children;

Reinforce the linkage between children who are ordinarily resident on-reserve and who are being cared for outside their communities with their Mi’kmaq heritage, advocating and supporting a continued relationship with their immediate and extended family, culture, and community;

Promote and reinforce cultural pride in children and youth;

Strengthen supportive networks and collaborative decision-making within the community, and amongst the community and external service providers;

Promote the best interests of children with regard at all times for their safety and wellbeing;

Reinforce the value of parents and parenting, and the role of the community in supporting parents; and

Strengthen families and community life.