Abegweit First Nation

Social Development

The Abegweit First Nation Social Development program is responsible for delivering short and long term financial assistance and relevant programming to individuals and their families who are experiencing financial adversity.  The primary applicant must be between 18 to 64 years of age, living on reserve, and be qualified under the eligibility standards that are set out under the PEI Provincial Social Assistance Act and the Social Assistance Manual outlined by the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs.   The AFN Social Development program follows a holistic case management approach to services and ensures that the client and their family receive services that are respectful to their dignity, values and culture.  Through a holistic First Nations case management approach to practice, it is the goal of the AFN Social Development program to facilitate clients along the continuum of dependency to self-reliance, growth and meaningful employment.  The AFN Social Development program works closely with other Band and Provincial programs to ensure that clients’ multifaceted needs are met.  Such programs include but not limited to are: education, employment, addiction and mental health services, along with family programming.  Each case is assessed independently, with client’s being responsible for providing necessary documentation substantiating their need for financial assistance.  The AFN Social Development program provides services to both First Nations and Non-First Nations residents residing on reserve.  Please contact the Director Kateri Coade at 676-2353 (ext. 103) for more information on the program and services.