Community Profile

Abegweit First Nation is a small and proud Mi’kmaq Band that traces its roots to Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island), dating back 10,000 years according to our own oral tradition and archaeological evidence. As Mi’kmaq people, our culture and traditions have been passed down from generation to generation successively since time immemorial.

In more current or contemporary terms, the creation of the Abegweit First Nation occurred on March 7th, 1972. Originally, all Mi’kmaq on Epekwitk were a part of one band, namely the Lennox Island First Nation. However, on the date mentioned, an overwhelming majority voted in favour of forming a new Band, Abegweit First Nation, which would form from the Morell #2, Rocky Point #3, and Scotchfort #4 reserves. Following this event, the first election for the Abegweit First Nation occurred on May 17, 1972 where Mrs. Margaret Bernard was elected to be the first Abegweit Chief, and Joe Jadis and Cyrus Sark were elected to be the first two Abegweit Councillors.

Since then the Abegweit First Nation has been dedicated to advancing our community socially, culturally, and economically using a holistic approach through education and partnerships. We also apply a fair and equitable approach to everything we do, in order to create and maintain a healthy and safe environment for our people.

Continuing forward, Abegweit First Nation is dedicated to developing a self-sufficient community together with a healthy, educated attitude by promoting prosperity and sustainable resource development through partnerships, innovation, and one voice – Ours!

Over the past few decades, the Abegweit First Nation has adapted to reflect and suit the community’s direction, which had led to a great number of successes and substantial progress in our continuing community development.

The recently elected Chief and Council have been working diligently to build and enhance the community in the current program areas of administration, economic development, education, employment, housing, family support, fisheries and natural resources, health and wellness, and social development. As always, with the people at heart, the leadership of the Abegweit First Nation is looking toward a thriving and prosperous future for the entire community, that respectfully aligns with our cultural and traditional beliefs.